Worker’s Compensation
Treating the patient with a work related spine injury requires a unique set of clinical skills that take many years of experience to develop. The physicians at Comprehensive Spine Care have a combined experience of well over 30 years in treating occupational spine injuries in the acute, sub-acute, and chronic phase. The administrative and clinical staff at Comprehensive Spine Care are extremely knowledgeable of and sensitive to all the issues that can potentially complicate the care of spine injured workers. At Comprehensive Spine Care we believe that our collective clinical and administrative expertise, ease of communication, and our compassionate individualized approach to each case are key to our reputation and repeat referrals from Workers’ Compensation adjusters, case managers, and employers for over 20 years.

We take great pride in several aspects of our practice that have made us particularly suitable for treating patients with work related spine injuries:

  • Our spine surgeons and physiatrist see on average over 100 worker compensation spine injured patients each week. All our patients are treated as conservatively as possible, and the vast majority of them require no invasive treatment.
  • Our spine surgeons and physiatrist are extremely experienced in handling not only all clinical aspects of each spine case, but also addressing important compensation issues such as causality, pre-existing conditions, and work restrictions.
  • We provide expeditious detailed documentation to facilitate the handling of each claim by the adjuster and case manager. Our office staff is trained as a matter of routine to contact the adjuster and/or case manager on the same day the patient is seen and provide them with information including diagnosis, return-to-work status, treatment plan, follow up, and projected length of treatment.
  • Our spine surgeons and physiatrist have extensive experience working and communicating directly with adjusters and case managers to tightly coordinate the care of workers with on-the-job spine injuries. Our surgeons and physiatrist make themselves available to answer questions from adjustors and case managers via phone or Email on an immediate basis. Our 24 hour coverage assures that one of our surgeons is always available to address urgent worker’s compensation patient issues after office hours 7 days / week.
  • Our primary focus is returning the patient to their pre-injury status. By using a team approach with close communication between all parties involved, we avoid delays in treatment and optimize the chances of returning the injured worker to their pre-injury levels of symptoms and functional capacity.
  • Our Physical Therapist who is available at both of our locations is specialized in treating spine injuries and has over 20 years of experience in treating workers compensation spine patients. His approach is primarily exercise based while keeping in mind the specific functional requirements of the individual worker based on their job description.
  • In addition to our two main locations in Emerson and Clifton, our spine surgeons and physiatrist evaluate and treat spine injured workers at four separate NJ Concentra locations including Jersey City, Newark, Parsippany, and Edison.
  • We offer same day appointments for emergent referrals, and no matter how busy our schedule is, we will always do our very best to accommodate urgent referrals from case managers and adjustors.
  • Our offices all have on-site X-ray and EMG capabilities providing our spine surgeons and physiatrist with vital information to facilitate expeditious diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • Spanish speaking patients have no problems communicating with our clinical and administrative staff as we have full time Spanish speaking staff and interpreters at all of our locations.
  • For worker’s compensation patients who require spine surgery, our staff members will help guide them as well as the adjusters and case managers through every step of the pre-operative preparation process including medical clearance and post-operative recovery period.

Any Issues or Questions?
If you are a Case Manager or an Adjuster in need of:

  • Immediate information on one of your patients
  • An office note or other supporting documentation
  • Discussing a case with one of our spine surgeons or physiatrist
  • Addressing a worker’s compensation issue with our administrative staff
  • Providing us with your contact information for a claim that has been assigned to you
  • Providing us feedback regarding our practice

Please contact us directly though this link or via our contact information below:

If you are a Case Manager or an Adjuster in need of scheduling a new or follow-up appointment with one of our spine surgeons, physiatrist, or physical therapist, please contact our scheduler through this link or via our contact information below:


I have been utilizing Comprehensive Spine Care for well over a decade as a nurse case manager caring for injured workers with both spinal and pain management issues. The most important things to me and my patients are timeliness in securing treatment, good outcomes and a focus on returning injured workers to productivity in a safe and effective manner. I know when I refer a patient to anyone of the physicians associated with Comprehensive Spine Care the staff will be sensitive to all of my needs and that I am guaranteed that my goals as a nurse case manager will be met. Thank you for all that you do for me and my patients as it is sincerely appreciated.
The office staff at Comprehensive Spine Care realizes the importance of Case Managers and has dedicated professional staff members who are efficient and courteous. There is a quick turnaround for appointment scheduling as well as a shorter waiting time for surgical scheduling. The appointments are given appropriate time blocks and the office wait time is minimal. The physicians are knowledgeable in the workers compensation process and strive to develop a working rapport with the claimant and case manager. They are always available to meet and answer any questions about a claim. The return time on work status/quick notes is immediate and the office notes are faxed the next day.

As a case manager I have found that Comprehensive Spine is a breeze to work with! The office staff is extremely helpful, efficient, and responsive to the case managers’ and patients’ needs alike; appointments are flexible, plus they make every effort to accommodate the case managers when unexpected conflicts arise. The staff always makes a note in the patient’s computerized file when a case manager is expected to attend a visit and will call to notify the case manager if the client arrives early and wait for the case manager to arrive. Dictation is always immediately available at the conclusion of each visit. Spine surgeons Drs. Rafael Levin and Nomaan Ashraf are superb surgeons affiliated with highly-rated Hackensack University Medical Center as well as their sister facility, Hackensack North (formerly Pascack Valley) in Westwood, NJ. Both physicians have an excellent understanding of workers’ comp and make every effort to assist case managers in addressing all aspects of the claim while attending to all of the clients’ needs with a superior level of expertise, empathy and professionalism. There is also a pain management specialist within the practice, Dr. Jonathan Lester, who can assist clients with their pain management needs as well as perform EMGs and epidural injections. In addition, there is a physical therapist located in the Emerson office location who can provide PT services to clients. Due to their expertise and positive outcomes as well as the ease in working with the office, I have referred many clients to Comprehensive Spine for treatment and plan to continue to do so in the future.

Thank you to everyone at Comprehensive Spine for being so wonderful.

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