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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy plays several roles in the treatment of most spinal conditions. In those instances where it is not precluded by the patient’s pain, the doctors at Comprehensive Spine Care will use a short course of physical therapy to treat many conditions where appropriate.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy offers a unique, individualized approach to physical therapy. Our emphasis is on manual therapy and patient education, with minimal use of passive modalities, such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat and ice, which offer no lasting therapeutic benefits. A single licensed physical therapist treats each patient from start to finish. No physical therapy assistants or aides are used.

Each patient is trained in exercises suited to his or her needs and goals, and educated in self-assessment skills, safe progression of exercises and precautions. We treat a wide variety of pain and movement disorders resulting from illness, injury, surgery and degenerative conditions, whether of acute onset or long-standing duration. Pain may be of spinal origin, or from the extremities, joint replacements, headaches or sports injuries.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy is located on-site both in Emerson and Clifton. The main benefit of having facilities at two of our locations is the direct communication between the therapist and the physician. This poses many advantages for our patients, including rapid and convenient sharing of information such as evaluations, diagnostic testing findings, and frequent patient progress updates. It also facilitates insurance authorization and any coordination of appointments with both your physician and your therapist.

All patients are offered appointments within 24 hours. We will verify all out of network insurance benefits. Hours are flexible. Medicare is welcome.

Most individuals will respond well to a course of physical therapy in conjunction with the creation of a home exercise program.

Following surgery, physical therapy also plays an important role in the recovery and rehabilitation process. The primary goals of post-surgical therapy being to recover strength, flexibility, endurance, and motion.