5 Summertime Activities That Can Cause Back Pain

For many, summertime is an opportunity to enjoy various outdoor activities. For some, however, trying to enjoy these activities can be difficult due to back pain. Not to mention the fact that certain summertime activities are more likely to cause or worsen back pain than others. Luckily, there are also strategies you can use to decrease discomfort while still enjoying these activities. Here are five different summer activities that can cause back pain and how to participate in them comfortably: 


woman walking with large backpack

Summertime is one of the busiest travel seasons since many people plan vacations over the summer. There are a few factors that come into play when traveling that can lead to back pain. For starters, what you pack and how you pack it. When you travel, you will be handling your luggage at some point and every additional pound can increase the risk of back pain. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase lighter luggage that is easily maneuverable and to pack less. Another factor that can lead to back pain is how long you are traveling. Sitting for long periods of time exerts more pressure on your lower back and can lead to pain. Therefore, it is recommended to stand and stretch at least once every hour or so. 

Trying New Sports

Whether you’re on vacation or simply want to try something new this summer, be advised that it could result in back pain if not approached properly. One thing people often forget when trying a new sport is that many sports require proper conditioning before the body can keep up with the physical demands of the sport. This means that you are more likely to experience back pain, or even injury, when you start a physically demanding sport quite suddenly. Instead, it is recommended to start conditioning first and then work your way up playing the sport. 

Yard Work

Both spring and summer are excellent times to work in the yard or garden, and many people take advantage of the warmer weather to do so. However, spending more time in the garden or doing yard work can lead to pain, especially in the lower back. This is because many people who garden spend hours squatting and/or bending over to tend to their garden. In some cases, lawn & garden equipment with pull starters can also aggravate your back. To minimize discomfort while spending time in the garden or yard, it is recommended to purchase a gardening bench to minimize bending and electric equipment that does not require a pull start. 


parents watching their children

Summertime is also when the kids are out of school and looking for ways to be entertained. Unfortunately, there are a number of caretaking tasks that can result in back pain if you’re not careful or if you over do it. To minimize the risk of back pain, you may need to avoid or minimize navigating stairs, strenuous household chores, playing rough with the children, and/or picking up the children frequently. Since most parents and grandparents enjoy taking care of their children or grandchildren, the best way to avoid back pain is by limiting the activities that can strain your back. 


Many people decide to move in the summer or they embark on major organizing within their own homes. Both of these activities often involve a lot of bending and lifting, two activities that can lead to back pain or even injury. Since these activities can potentially lead to significant back pain, it is recommended to hire someone without back pain to help with packing, unpacking, organizing, and cleaning. In the case that you are moving, it is also recommended to hire movers to do the heavy lifting for you. 

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