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why does my tailbone hurt

Why Does my Tailbone Hurt?

Although humans don’t have tails, we do have a tailbone. Known formally as coccyx, the tailbone is a triangular bone composed of 3-5 bony segments

Foods that help with back pain

Foods that Help with Back Pain

Did you know that there are certain foods that can help alleviate back pain? While diet alone cannot cure back pain and spinal conditions, it

Types of spine surgery

Types of Spine Surgery

If you have been suffering from back pain and have exhausted a number of non-surgical treatment options, then your spinal specialist may recommend spinal surgery.

How To exercise with chronic back pain

How to Exercise with Chronic Back Pain

Exercise has a number of benefits to your overall health, such as maintaining your weight, improving organ function, and strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Although exercise

when is spinal surgery needed

When Spine Surgery is Needed

If you have been dealing with chronic back pain, chances are you are looking for ways to effectively reduce the frequency or severity of your

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